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Think of this time yesterday

Happy Valley,Adidas Jeremy Scott, I still line up .We had to go to ,when it will not open ,but not a lot of people, most of all candidates and candidates for college entrance examination .I remember in the first play after playing the super idiot like lift something more idiot ,we are also afraid of ,there is help .
I still remember us down, very inexpensive at a two man says ,Wow ,good romantic Oh Oh ,sweet ,sweet honey, your smile is so sweet ... ... Originally wanted to play the next frog jump ,Adidas Porsche Design,the host is owed to K ,and that too naive too ashamed ,we eventually got away .
Again following that game I don say ,God damn ,they want to retrieve a two child, to play to the carousel .AG and I and the boss didn ,rather than sitting there waiting for them .Out that I never saw a child ,is adult, suddenly I feel now that people are very abnormal .
When they looked up to see the towering cloud of jump off building machine, to a large group of people rushed past .I was at the back of the foot is soft ,and I had never played it ,Drumlins dragged me down ,I told her he was long before she put me, only I and big two coward in next to them for an hour .
Then drifting to play ,the death of a bad family ,charge 5 dollars.When I sat down ,and the horse is not ready, we are not tied the safety belt in the middle ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,I also fell out of the seat ,I didn out to .
Root brother raincoat behind a hole punch ,he gave a good wet ,then he put the boss that tore ,accompany him wet ,I laughed my head off .Soon the place a lot of taps at our shoot, ha ha ,most of the water is the boss to help me out ,he was so wet that good comedy .
But I still get my trousers are wet ,I regret to wear trousers .A point of light rain ,we went to the king of noodles to eat something ,would have the finished, mobile game to be stopped two hours .
A sudden scream ,we looked to the distant ,wow ,some play ~ man to play roller coaster went, we ignored them, several girls to snow dragon .Row long long team ,also does not stop people jump the queue ,grandma , most effective way,think of who they are .
Fully lined up for us for an hour ,and finally to us, wow ,I ah ,really want to go to the toilet ,constantly checking shoelaces ,I am afraid of shoes and fly away, I do not know where to pick up .
On the car ,ready to go .Go up slowly ,dada dada sound made me very nervous ,a sudden turn ,wow ... ... Soon ,I scream has been everfount ,suddenly opened his eyes ,to see the world in turn ,the sky is so beautiful ,scaring me scream louder .
During that time, nothing, the world scream, I just wanna scream ,that kind of feeling good .Come back my whole brain in turn ,foot over float ,also hit the trash .Want to play many times ah ,that feels so good .
And male reunited ,together into the inner space .In fact,Traditional Chinese medicine recommended against influenza, prepared three kinds of Medicine, I was afraid ,turn off the light when I was scared scared ,my hand holding the Drumlins, hand over my eyes .Originally, the atmosphere was tense ,suddenly someone shouted :where Jane ,you have nothing ?Everyone laughed ,easing the lower atmosphere .
Someone screaming slightly, suddenly someone moved my feet ,I think is the Drumlins, not afraid of ,and then have the gas blowing into my face ,I wanna call ah ,the eyes are afraid to open ,afraid to look in the wrong .
Finally ended ,I cannot stay .Then I asked Drumlins she is it right? Move my feet ,she said didn ... ... I stayed .They help man and AG into the haunted house ,several of our female not to ,and later heard that AG was to drop to the haunted house still ,someone to hold her in the arms of her and she thought a ghost .
.. ... Several of our woman continued to find stimulation .Go through untold hardships to Hurricane Bay ,just dinner when we heard a woman old shouting the perfect storm .Now finally see the true face of Mount Lu ,it is not a general foot soft .
It even, also turned many laps, but soon the .I and meter and horse are dumbfounded ,cried with Drumlins beg for mercy ,not ah ,I do not ah ,will die .At that time the feeling is really unable to speak ,I can imagine anyone can set the game into it ,the fucking gun out of the goods to .
Us three to the Drumlins try to play ,feel like going into his prisoners ,to give up that tens of thousands of gun .The game team is very short, click on the row to us, I was with B with horse and Miriam Miriam said that it was like ,afraid of what .
Through the small hole saw the machine to rotate at high speed, and I broke out, scaring the meter .Sit up ,my heart already take death calmly .But the safety belt is very tight ,the weight of my little belly breathing too fast ,it gives me a sense of security ,at least I think I do not fly out .
The host asked , I shouted ,Oh no ,I installed B ah ,began .From the time it starts on the beginning of the second, I just never heard .I obviously feel beside me scream too strong ,my ears .
When it finishes finished the first lap ,I think there is a second ,piercing shouted ... ... Second on my eyes,Nike Air Force 1 Premium, oh my God, I see a backwards jump off building machine ,0.000001 seconds afterI saw the people on the ground ,0.
000001 seconds afterI see the clouds in the sky .I tried to scream ,the congestion of the brain at the same time I called blushed ear ears up ,burning ,I think I dying .Quiet a little ,see the director ,asked us: will not again ? Don !A large number of people shouting .
The host was very inexpensive to say LET S GO !BYE BYE ~ Drumlins beside to very sober-minded and fast voice as well as with extreme doubt repeat ;LET S GO ?BYE BYE ?immediately scream to continue ,the last turn it to my little life ,life in the long time .
.. ... Down I think I am very great .Suddenly want to play many times .The designers from the heart to send sincere admiration ,I have this designer ah ,really fun .As a result of too much ,we need a bit of gentle .
The line went to play lotic brave .It is the poor raincoat ,and me 5 dollars .Just at the beginning of the very slow ,the raincoat .I .Up to the top, the most terrible not down from above ,but after the arrival of many I do not know do not know from the range of water spray .
As I sat to my side ,water spray ,good cold ah .The eyes are not open ,I always catch the horse, hiding behind her ,but good fun .Later I found I haven wet front ,PP where wet the man, &quot &quot., I know not how .
One day the wet two body ,I was too stupid to me .Finally did go ,go I want to go to the happy time ,where most things to do .Also did not calm the perfect storm stimuli with emotional ,see the happy time things suddenly feel so much .
To play the UFO ,only give me a word ,cool ~ I think ,if I didn play the perfect storm, I must call the greatest sound .The most important one is ,the safety facilities played people good pain ,bang hit home caudal keels ,give it to die .
The host where very helpless ,because no one is called ,that .Down feeling good ,Click Here,the world is upside down ,and down when you are really good .I in a low voice called twice ~ I think I the move is very abnormal ,but hear people call ,but the host always ask we call ,I will put her down .
Later ,the stupid instrument she lost ,oh ,do not want to speak to her .Otherwise no hit we want to play out of interest ,remember the first time I play this time is the school of tourism, with teachers and classmates play together ,now playing back, can was very brave .

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